Dolce E Rosa’s upcoming Winter & Holidays 2022 collections are available for Pre-Order!

Written by Shazib Ahmed


Posted on October 08 2021

Toronto, November 2021: The much-awaited Dolce E Rosa’s Winter and Holidays 2022 collections can now be pre-ordered as fashion enthusiasts sign-up in droves. Collections such as Crystal Pink, Darque, Elite and Holidays 2022 are now available for pre-order, so hurry and book yours today!

Dolce E Rosa’s strategy of enabling pre-orders on their website has gained enough momentum as not only customers can view the new collections but also pre-order the season’s latest fashion trend in sexy baby dolls, wide variety of bustier and corset, undergarments, bikini, costumes, and colourful holiday sensual lingerie.

Pre-ordered lingerie product from Dolce E Rosa online store are shipped from Canada to global destinations, as soon as the collection becomes available for shipping. The company plans to launch all previews of the upcoming spring 2022 season within a month or two and as they put it, “it is Dolce E Rosa’s way of letting their regular customer pre-order and secure the stuff that they love so much”.