Fancy Pants: Underwear Makes a Statement on the Runway and Red Carpet

Written by Shazib Ahmed


Posted on May 24 2024

Once relegated to the realm of the hidden, underwear has been making a bold move into the world of fashion. No longer just functional, lingerie is becoming a statement piece, gracing the runways and red carpets with a newfound confidence.

This trend towards visible, designer underwear isn't entirely new. Think back to the early 2000s, where celebrities like Christina Aguilera would wear low-rise jeans that exposed the waistband of their underwear. But today's take feels more sophisticated and intentional.

Underwear as Outerwear

High-fashion houses are pushing the boundaries of lingerie. Look at Chanel's Spring/Summer 2024 collection, where lace bralettes were paired with tweed jackets, blurring the lines between intimates and outerwear. Versace took things a step further, featuring models in sequined bodysuits that left little to the imagination.

A Celebration of Confidence

The rise of visible lingerie isn't just about fashion; it's about self-expression and body positivity. Celebrities are using underwear as a way to reclaim their bodies and challenge traditional notions of femininity. Rihanna's Savage X Fenty shows, for example, are known for their inclusivity and celebration of all body types.

Is the Trend Here to Stay?

Whether visible lingerie becomes a mainstream fashion trend remains to be seen. However, it's a sign of a changing attitude towards our bodies and the clothes we wear. Underwear is no longer just something to hide; it's a way to make a statement and express personal style.

So, the next time you step out, don't be afraid to let your lingerie peek through. It might just be the ultimate fashion statement.